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Your back is made of bones, muscles, and other tissues extending from your neck to your pelvis. The lower back is the most common site of back injuries and back pain.  Common back injuries include sprains and strains, herniated disks, and fractured vertebrae.  These injuries can cause pain and limit your movement. Treatments vary but might include medicines, icing, bed rest, physical therapy, or surgery. 

Car accidents often lead to back injuries. Any damage or injury to the spinal cord can result in serious nerve damage. When this occurs, the injured person may experience lowered sensation of and loss of proper control over their hands, arms, legs, feet as well as other parts of their body. More serious forms of spinal damage can cause permanent paralysis. Another common back injury resulting from car accidents is a herniated disc. Although this can be less serious than head injuries or spinal damage, it can cause significant problems. In many cases, the injured person may experience tingling or numbness, leg or arm pain, and sometimes muscle weakness.

"Insurance companies rarely step up to the plate and do the right thing voluntarily.  Fortunately, we have laws and you have rights if you've been injured by a careless driver.  I'm Richmond Car Accident Attorney Ed Meade at The Meade Law Firm and I want to help.  Call me today." 
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